22 7 / 2014

Forget Observation Tuesday i amm gonna rant!
Im Sooo upset! The electricity is out and i have to use my money to Buy a stupid book when i was gonna use it for something else Uhhhhgggg!!!!!!!!!
On top of that i have to miss my friends birthday beach bash BECAUSE of the stupid book!
And one of my friends mom is being a total phyco! She’s making all these stupid rules for her and is preventing us from talking to her. SO STUPID!!!
I just want to play sims on my laptop but Oh yeah its dead and i cant charge it. My phone battery is about to die too!
I hope ur having a better day than me

21 7 / 2014

Im seriously trying to download the sims 4 but i dont have a serial number. I searched the web and i even tried the link they gave me but NOTHING is working!!!!! Uhhhhgggg!!!!!

17 7 / 2014

Ok so here is my easier and more manageable schedule.
Random Monday-where I post anything

Observation Tuesday-when i tell u things that i see happening in the world

Q&A Wednesday-this is where i answer questions that u ask! Duh

TMI Thursday-when i rant, blow off some steam or tell u stuff

Happy Friday-when we all can be positive humans. This means that i post positive things and appriciate life for what it is.
Again, im only a teenager so i still have some other stuff to take care off. Thanks for understanding.

17 7 / 2014

Ok so I kno that I havent been here for a very long time and I apologize. Its not like I have alot of followers anyway, but I will really try to stay connected. Im doing the same on twitter so I have to multi-task. Ive really-created a new schedule that is easier to manage. I will post that soon. Take care!

03 6 / 2014

U cant help someone that doesnt want to be helped…
Thats my TMI Tuesday
Have a great day!!

02 6 / 2014

Dont give in to temptation. It bites u in the ass!

27 5 / 2014

Some off my classmates are bitches. I hate them so much! Why does every school have these people?

Thats my TMI Tuesday…
Enjoy ur day…!

27 5 / 2014

↑ Are u ready for it? ✓

↑ Are u ready for it? ✓

24 5 / 2014

I Am soo sorry that i wasn’t able to post anything that i planned. Dont kill meet but i just found out that i can que things so i will be doing that. I Am soo sorry….

16 5 / 2014

Someone pointed out to me that i dont have anything scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. The reason for that is because I will take a break on Saturday and Sunday is my day for the lord. Thank you for posting your question though.